AD space banner for your business  :

The 400 x 60 pixel box, as seen on the previous splash-page, is reserved for your "Banner".   A banner will be created for you, or you may submit your own banner (subject to review and format modification if necessary).

[ Submitted banners must be 400 x 60 pixels and may be animated or static. Animated Banners should not be more than 25 Kb. or will not be accepted. ]

Your Banner will be linked to your website or to your email address. If you do not have a website, a one-webpage link can be created such as this page is linked.   This one-webpage will be located on Safety First's server at an extra charge as described below.

One-Page Website on Safety First's server  :

will be limited to 1000 words and 100 kb of images or graphics. All written material must be submitted as a WORD "doc" file or in printed form. All images (photos, logos and graphics) must be submitted by you. This webpage will be linked to your banner.

To inquire for further details, fill out the form below and send :  

Select Arrangement you are interested in Cost
Submitted Banner and Link Only    $20.00
Banner Design and Link Only    $40.00
Submitted Banner, Link, & Webpage Design    $50.00
Banner Design, Link & Webpage Design    $75.00

$15.00 per year, your banner and/or webpage resides on SFMG site.
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